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The inspiration behind J.Pence Studios began shortly after my father passed away. I started noticing a White Hawk following me on a regular basis. I believe this Hawk is a sign or message from spirit and this phenomenon has pushed me to follow my dreams of pursuing a career in fine art and photography.

Hi, Nice to Meet You!

My name is Jessica, middle name Ashton. I consider myself an abstract painter, designer, photographer, marketing specialist, & blogger. Currently I live in northern Wisconsin with my husband Jordan, two really smelly dogs Yogi and Sully, & way too many house plants.  I paint out of my own home studio and frequently bribe my mother into letting me use her property for on-site photography shoots.


Creating and painting is my therapeutical aid in recovering from grief, an outlet to deal with way too many emotions, and quiet time to pray. Photography catapults me into being completely present and reminds me that creating connections with others is important too. My life will forever revolve around sustaining and growing my passion for art, as it leads my life in an affirmatively positive direction each and every day. 

My purpose is to make art that evokes feelings of heavenly nods to each and every viewer, to help those who are in need of a sign, reminder, or blessingI hope that each time you gaze at my art, you’re given a small but profound moment of pure bliss and inspiration.


Caterpillar: Strange Becomings


I’ve always felt a tad different from others since I was just a child. I spent an immense amount of time being outside, in nature, free to think, play, imagine and wonder at all of the natural marvels around me. Growing up in the Northwoods was heaven, being constantly surrounded by endless forest, animals big and small, with thousands of freshwater lakes in every direction. Ive always been a bigger picture kind of thinker. Bigger picture as in what are we, and why are we here, a part of all this. Experiencing such curiosity has always left me with an insatiable appetite for learning more about the natural world we live in, and with maturity came an immense appreciation for the complexity and fragility of all living things. I’ve always been especially curious of the one thing that seems to connect us all, spirit. 

noun_Caterpillar_1849351 copy.png

I can remember myself crawling up and down every lawnmower line in my dads 5 acre front yard searching endlessly for a caterpillar. I can see myself trying so hard to understand animals. I remember experiencing spirit presence in the middle of the night for the first time. I can still remember the countless nights I sat on the roof of our home gazing up at the Milky Way, counting shooting stars and listening to bears grunt and coyotes howl. I remember constantly longing to feel connected. I found myself hardly present in many social situations, instead I was completely in tune with life while I looked at nature through my little scientist microscope kit or learning in high school science classes. My small 12 year old self was even courageous enough to travel across the country for marine biology summer camp, and every year after until I was 16. I wanted to know as much as I could about nature and animals near and far. But I also excelled in expressing myself through art. Being shy in most situations left me full of things to say. Drawing and writing was my way of getting it all out. I come from a very creative family and growing up, our hobbies always included some form of art. That’s easy to say when you see almost everything artistically. My mom makes beautiful art and has always been one of my biggest inspirations. Over the past decade she has taken on pottery, stained glass composition and for awhile, jewelry making. When I was young, the whole family would sit at the kitchen counter and we would all pick something to sketch. It was so fun seeing everyone’s style. My brother is an amazing artist as well, he spent a lot of his childhood drawing. My dad, although he may not have considered it an art, was a welder and my step father can build anything you desire. My whole family has such much creative skill. I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by such a talented family!

I have realized that I have always lived for the moments of escape that science and art give me. I live for that feeling of connectedness to something greater. Truthfully, I am still an imaginative, endlessly curious, kinda-shy girl. 

Chrysalis: The Transformation

noun_chrysalis_1026148 copy.png

As I grew older, I attended college and received my bachelors degree in design arts. I didn’t begin college with an art major, however. Believe it or not I started out with an accounting major, then switched to communications because I LOVE to write and it seemed more fitting. That was when I took my first film photography course. I fell in absolute love. I took my camera out on photography hunts, capturing anything I thought was beautiful and could conceptualize in a more creative way through film. I felt the happiest when I was in the art department on campus. By the end of my 2nd year I had decided I was going to major in design arts with a focus on graphic design. Strangely, of all the courses I took, painting was not one of them. Painting used to be so intimdating for me! I stuck to design, photography, drawing, sculpture and print making. After graduating, I continued freelancing design and photography while maintaining a steadily promising career in corporate marketing. Even though I was attaining goals I had set for myself, I was so, so lost. I was so far away from that girl I used to be, and so very depressed. I had supressed my creativity and my true self in order to fit into societal ideals and focused too much on what people thought of me. But at 24 I was not about to admit this to anyone. In March of 2015 my world came crashing in on me. pieces. My father was diagnosed with an aggressive and fatal disease. He was given a handful of weeks to live. I left the life I was building to come home, and start all over again just to get a few more moments with my dad. Losing my dad still feels so heavy, is bitterly painful most days, but was also the biggest blessing in my life. It ultimately pushed me back into my true direction, my path.

Loss has forced me to grow and grow and grow. It has taught me that our time is more precious than anything in the world. For that, we should use our time wisely.

Grief is constantly teaching me to view connectedness differently and to cherish relationships. One afternoon I asked my dad if he was scared to die. He sort of teared up but then chuckled and said “nope.. I’ve seen and done more things than most in my life, that’s alright with me if it’s time.” That is the best way of truly living a life well, and I will forever cherish what my dad said that day. Shorty after he passed I decided my life would not be wasted doing anything that didn’t make me happy, or didn’t serve as a learning lesson to continue growing. I was so fed up with trying to do things that I thought would please others. I was ready to live, for myself.

Waiting for such a loss to occur brought me back to art and nature. I retreated to my mom’s art studio and walking trails daily, and became completely lost in seeing the world as I once did before. One night, I came across a canvas and some cheap acrylic paints in my moms studio. I don’t know why I felt so inclined to try painting of all things after so many years, but I went for it anyway. I was immediately hooked. I spent hours and hours teaching myself how to paint with oils and later on with time, resin. It had clicked for me, that my love for nature is the major inspiration behind my artwork. Waiting for loss is very different than actually dealing with loss. But one thing remained the same: I could not live without creating art or be away from nature ever again, no matter how many tears welled in my eyes and got in the way of seeing what I was painting. One day, I decided I was confident enough to share my art on social media and my world began to change in a positive way. 

Butterfly: Wings To Soar

noun_Butterfly_641282 copy.png

In the summer of 2016, while on a run with my dog yogi, we saw a massive, brilliant white and gold hawk fly above us for a mile straight. He was watching us so intently. I felt like I was flying with this hawk, like he was carrying me. I experienced such an overwhelming source of pure, loving light emanating from this hawk, I knew this moment meant something big. Spirit was showing me that I can soar with my wildest dreams while remaining entirely true to my own soul. It was the confirmation I had prayed for, and god knew that was the best way to get the message through to me. It was by far the coolest animal encounter I had ever experienced, and yet it hardly felt real, like I was dreaming. But oh, it was so real.With my longing to make a business with my art, and my immense appreciation for animals and nature, spirit spoke to me. The simple fact that I keep seeing white hawks on a regular basis, well, now God is just showing off. But I hear his messages loud and clear: Keep doing, keep growing, and keep praying.

I launched my business that very night Yogi and I saw the hawk. I have since created and sold hundreds of paintings all through Social Media while becoming an internationally published artist.




Solo Exhibit: Olson Memorial Library Gallery 11/17



Jessica Received her Design Arts Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Over time and with much trial and error, I've learned which types of resin and various mediums best convey my vision. Using unorthodox tools and specific formulas, I am able to manipulate my mediums of choice to make certain textures, patterns and reactions. I incorporate genuine crystals, rocks and agates sourced from all over the world into each painting. The harmony of these textures and 3D elements creates my signature aesthetic. This in combination with my spiritual experiences in relation to each piece reflects the uniqueness of my work. 

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