The inspiration behind J.Pence Studios began shortly after my father passed away. I started noticing a White Hawk following me on a regular basis. I believe this Hawk is a sign or message from spirit and this phenomenon has pushed me to follow my dreams of pursuing a career in art.

After receiving this spiritual validation to pursue my passions, I created an online Gallery called J.Pence Studios and became an internationally Published Artist while selling hundreds of paintings all through Social Media.

Don’t compromise your passions and dreams for the sake of pleasing others.



Specializing in abstract resin paintings, my work remains unique to my passions within art, science and spirituality. Harnessing the healing energies, history and beauty of natural crystals and gemstones, each painting not only serves as a piece of art but also as a therapeutical aid. From an early age, crystals, rocks and agates have been an interest in my life; collecting specimens from around the world has been a growing hobby since I was just six years old. I truly believe that these rare and striking pieces of earth hold powers to assist in our personal and spiritual development. Combining striking colors, abstract movements and inlayed healing crystals, my work truly sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd.


Solo Exhibit: Olson Memorial Library Gallery 11/17


Jessica Received her Design Arts Degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay

Over time and with much trial and error, I've learned which types of resin and various mediums best convey my vision. Using unorthodox tools and specific formulas, I am able to manipulate my mediums of choice to make certain textures, patterns and reactions. I incorporate genuine crystals, rocks and agates sourced from all over the world into each painting. The harmony of these textures and 3D elements creates my signature aesthetic. This in combination with my spiritual experiences in relation to each piece reflects the uniqueness of my work. 

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